Ryset | JAWS Folding Saw

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Effortless cut branches with the Ryset JAWS Folding Saw.

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RYSET “JAWS” Folding Saw, is a professional-grade saw designed to handle all your pruning needs with ease and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • 18cm Replaceable Blade: The heart of the RYSET “JAWS” is its 18cm impulse hardened tri-tooth blade, engineered for the sharpest and most efficient cut. This durable blade is designed to maintain its edge, ensuring long-lasting sharpness for countless pruning jobs.
  • Safety and Comfort: Equipped with a non-slip rubberized handle, the “JAWS” Folding Saw ensures a secure and comfortable grip, even in challenging environments. Its folding design includes a locking mechanism that ensures the blade remains safely in place when folded or unfolded, providing peace of mind during use and transport.
  • Convenient Design: The tri-tooth blade measures 18cm in length, offering precision and power in every cut. The chrome-plated, hardened blade offers exceptional durability and longevity, standing up to the rigors of extensive use. The blade works with a pull back cutting action
  • Japanese Tri-Edge Tooth Design: Borrowing from the finest traditional techniques, the saw features a taper-ground blade with a Japanese tri-edge tooth design. This feature, combined with impulse hardening, ensures the blade remains sharp through many pruning sessions, offering a smooth pull action cut every time.

Whether you’re tackling a dense thicket, shaping your garden, or conducting routine pruning, the RYSET “JAWS” Folding Saw is the perfect companion.

  • Chrome-plated blade for smooth action and blade upkeep
  • 18cm blade, 24cm handle
  • Made in Korea


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