Ryset | Mini Greenhouse

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Get your seeds or cuttings off to the best start! The mini greenhouse is designed to provide a stable environment for the propagation of plants from seed or cuttings until they are ready for planting out.

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Get the most out of your plant cuttings and seeds with the Ryset Mini Greenhouse.

Featuring a sealed drip tray so you can use it indoors without mess.

Supplied with a 24 cell moulded insert, which allows seedlings to be raised separately, without root entanglement.

The lid is clear, rigid plastic which is UV stable to allow light penetration, while conserving temperature and moisture.

The mini greenhouse also contains two sliding vents to allow adjustable ventilation for optimum seed germination.

Perfect for use with the Ryset Seed Starter Heat Mats.

Dimensions: 24cm wide x 38cm long x 18cm high

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