Ryset | Multi-Sharpener

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Never be blunt again! This multi-sharpener is ideal for sharpening most kinds of blades including secateurs, knives, scissors, loppers, shears and more. At just 12.5cm long it’s perfect to pop in a pocket, for tool maintenance on the go.

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Multi-sharpener with tungsten carbide insert and oil pad for lubricating blades.

Easy to use, designed to be used while tools are still assembled.

1. Place the sharpener against the blade at right angle to the handle and angle the sharpener to match the existing bevel on the blade you wish to sharpen.
2. With light finger pressure drag the edge of the sharpener along the full length of the blade.
3. Repeat this action 2-3 times.
4. On completion of sharpening use the oil pad at the bottom of the sharpening tool to rub over the blade to protect from rusting.


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