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Attract nature’s little helpers to your garden with the Ryset Small Insect Hotel. This eco-friendly sanctuary offers dual chambers for solitary bees, ladybirds, and lacewings. Enhancing biodiversity while supporting a healthier, happier ecosystem.

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Boost garden biodiversity effortlessly with the Ryset Small Insect Hotel! Specifically designed to shelter your garden’s unsung heroes like solitary bees, ladybirds, and lacewings, this eco-friendly retreat is an all-in-one sanctuary.

Crafted from sustainably sourced bamboo and timber, it features dual nesting chambers—bamboo tubes for bees and a timber compartment for ladybirds and lacewings. Turning your garden into a bug paradise—think of it as the “AirBee-n-Bee” of the insect world.

How To Install:

Just find a sunny-ish, wind-free nook in your garden and hang this eco-inn with hooks or screws (not included). Then sit back and watch your garden become the go-to brunch spot for pollinators and natural pest controllers.

Why Need This?

Your garden gets a pollination boost, and you get fewer pests. Win-win!

-What’s It Made Of?

Sustainably sourced bamboo and timber, so you can sleep well, and so can your bugs.

-Who’s Coming to Stay?

Expect solitary bees, ladybirds, and lacewings—basically the superheroes of the insect realm.


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