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Get rid of snails the party way with the Ryset Snail & Slug Trap! Just dig it in, fill with beer, and watch snails crawl in for their final happy hour. It’s eco-friendly and oddly satisfying. Cheers to a snail-free garden!

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Say “Cheers” to snail control with the Ryset Snail & Slug Trap! This eco-friendly solution is the ultimate party crasher for snails and slugs.

Just dig the trap into your soil, leaving the entryway peeking out, and fill it up with beer. Watch as the slow-moving critters make a snail-line for a free drink.

Spoiler: It’s their last one.

Once the snails are inside, they become disoriented and forget how to swim, drowning in beer.

You can also use yeast and mix it with water. It’s the environmentally friendly to trap slugs and snails without chemicals, pellets or sprays.


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