Sophie Conran 6 Piece Tool Kit


The perfect toolset for your gardening pleasure. Designed by British designer and avid gardener, Sophie Conran, this collection of tools provides everything you need for a long day in the garden.

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Get the whole Sophie Conran experience with this beautiful 6 piece tool kit. The Sophie Conran by Burgon & Ball collection features designs by Sophie herself, mirroring what her ideal gardening tools are.

Set includes:

Trowel featuring curving backstops to prevent soil from falling off the back of the trowel and is 26.5cm long x 7.5cm wide.

Fork featuring sharpened tine ends which allow the fork to slip into the soil with minimum effort, making even the most laborious tasks a pleasure. The fork is 26.5cm long x 7.5cm wide.

Dibber an invaluable tool for planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings, even in grass or harder soils. Simply push the point into the soil to make a hole, drop your subject in and cover with soil. This guy is 24.5cm long x 2.5cm wide.

Ergo Hoe the unique angle and shape of the ergo hoe makes weeding and cultivating in even the most baked of soils a doddle. The extra sharp blade on the inside edge prevents accidental slicing of surrounding plants. 22.5cm long x 6.3cm wide.

Secateurs smaller and lighter than some hand pruners, these secateurs offer excellent control and comfort. The handle, head and blade are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, giving both strength and rust resistance. Cuts up to 2cm in diameter with a bypass action.

Tool Bag this tool bag very much reflects Sophie’s signature style – classic navy blue, but with a hint of contemporary design touches. The tool bag is the perfect size for gardening – not too heavy and bulky to carry as you garden, even when fully loaded.

Each of these tools (aside from the secateurs) feature a waxed FSC Beechwood handle, brass ferrule and mirror polished stainless steel. All of these tools are handmade, so no two are the same! Sophie Conran’s tools also come beautifully gift-boxed, perfect for gifting to a gardening friend or spoiling yourself.


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