Sophie Conran Ultimate Tool Set


The ultimate hand tool kit. Enjoy everything you need for planting, pruning and weeding in Sophie Conran’s gorgeous and elegant style.


Only 1 left in stock


Only 1 left in stock

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With this tool kit by your side, you’ll complete all your gardening jobs with joy and ease. Beautifully crafted by Burgon & Ball with hundreds of years of toolmaking experience, and designed by Sophie Conran mimicking what she’d love to use in her own garden. These gorgeous collections are some of our best sellers, and we’re bringing them to you in a brilliant bundle!

Each of these tools (aside from the secateurs) feature a waxed FSC Beechwood handle, brass ferrule and mirror polished stainless steel. All of these tools are handmade, so no two are the same! Sophie Conran’s tools also come beautifully gift-boxed, perfect for gifting to a gardening friend or spoiling yourself.

Set includes:

Featuring curving backstops to prevent soil from falling off the back of the trowel and is 26.5cm long x 7.5cm wide.

Featuring sharpened tine ends which allow the fork to slip into the soil with minimum effort, making even the most laborious tasks a pleasure. The fork is 26.5cm long x 7.5cm wide.

Featuring a deep scoop to prevent spillage and allows for mess-free potting up. 28cm long x 7cm wide.

An invaluable tool for planting seeds, bulbs and seedlings, even in grass or harder soils. Simply push the point into the soil to make a hole, drop your subject in and cover with soil. Pray for clement weather and enjoy the results! This guy is 24.5cm long x 2.5cm wide.

Tines efficiently push into all soils, and due to the tool’s compact size, it’s easy to work between closely spaced plants, in raised beds or even in pots. The cultivator is 16cm long x 13cm wide (including handle).

The unique angle and shape of the ergo hoe makes weeding and cultivating in even the most baked of soils a doddle. The extra sharp blade on the inside edge prevents accidental slicing of surrounding plants. 22.5cm long x 6.3cm wide.

Perfectly sized to fit between plants and under bushes to collect leaves and debris. Springy tines are curled at ends so that they don’t damage emerging new shoots. 35.5cm x 9.5cm wide.

Smaller and lighter than some hand pruners, these secateurs offer excellent control and comfort. The handle, head and blade are crafted from a single piece of stainless steel, giving both strength and rust resistance. Cuts up to 2cm in diameter with a bypass action.

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