Urbalive | Bokashi Kitchen Composter

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Transform your kitchen offcuts and scraps into nutrient-rich compost and fermented plant tea with the Bokashi Kitchen Composter!

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Transform your organic kitchen waste into a nutrient-rich compost for your plants with the Urbalive Bokashi Kitchen Composter.

This state-of-the-art indoor compost bin is cleverly designed to create two outputs: solid compost and fermented liquid, or “plant tea”, that provides direct nourishment to your plants.

As you add scraps to the bin, the inner lid keeps everything snug while the solid organic matter strains the juices into the fermented plant tea tray, separating the solid from the liquid and providing you with versatility in feeding your plants.

How it works:

The outside lid closes tightly to keep your organic cut-offs contained, while the inner lid slides down to the level of compost inside the bin, closing any air gaps and odors.

The bottom of the bin features a raised grill with tiny holes, allowing your compost to filter down to the bottom tray, where you can easily pour the fermented juices (compost tea) into your garden for extra nutrients.


This economical composter is perfectly sized to fit most kitchen cupboards or countertops, making composting convenient and easy.

Start creating first-class compost and fertilizer for your plants and soil today with the Urbalive Bokashi Kitchen Composter.

  • Size is 25cm Wide x 35.5cm high x 26.3cm Diamater.

Note: Effective Microorganisms or Bran not included


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