Wolf-Garten | Ultimate Vegetable Garden Tool Set


Featuring all the essential tools for maintaining a healthy veggie patch. Enjoy 15% off retail value when buying this bundle.

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Whether a beginner or an avid gardener, this kit has everything any gardener needs to produce and maintain a healthy veggie garden. Made in Germany with quality materials, this bundle is sure to last a lifetime. The set includes 7 garden tools heads and 1 long handle.

30cm Soil Rake

The perfect rake for crumbling, raking and levelling garden beds. Designed with curved tines to easily crumble soil evenly with little to no effort.

Multi-Change Trowel

Ideal size for container gardening, raised garden beds and any planting and transplanting. Working width of 8cm.

Crumbler and Soil Cultivator

The crumbler and soil cultivator seamlessly combines a powerful pendulum weeder and soil cultivator into one tool. It easily strips the soil of pesky weeds while simultaneously cultivating and aerating your growing area. Working width of 15cm.

Double Hoe Pointy

A must-have gardening tool for the avid and active gardener, combining two handy tools into one. The two sharp prongs quickly break up heavy soil, while the pointed blade allows you to dig rows to plant seeds with little to no effort.

150cm Hardwood Handle

The WOLF-Garten 150cm Hardwood Handle is lightweight and strong. Its strength is second to none, and this handle will be your go-to when using Wolf-Garten garden tool heads for all gardening, especially in your veggie patch. High quality and robust wooden handle made from European Ash. The grip is tapered for comfort and safe handling.

Mutli-Change Cultivator

Wolf-Garten’s Cultivator attachment is the ideal gardening tool for loosening mid-heavy soils quickly and easily. With 3 pointed steel tines to break up the soil, means no more wasting time hacking and slashing at heavy soil trying to break up it up Working width 10cm.

Draw Hoe

A must have for dealing with pesky weeds! The extra sharp blade quickly breaks up soil and weeds in one effortless motion. Great for removing weeds and moving soil around the vegetable patch. 15cm working width with a blade depth of 7.5cm.

Push Pull Weeder

WOLF-Garten’s Push Pull Weeder makes quick work of the arduous task of weeding the garden. This durable, sharp double blade provides extra surface area to cut weeds faster and more efficiently. Working width 15cm.


About Wolf-Garten

The world’s best garden tools, since 1922. Made in Germany and guaranteed to stand the test of time. WOLF-Garten garden tools are with you for life, not just a season!

Featuring the unique Multi-Star Click System, you can get more tools for less money and less storage room. With 15 handle options and 70 attachment options, simply buy one handle which can be used with  multiple attachments.

Thankfully, they’re also ergonomically designed with the operator in mind and tested by real gardeners, to ensure that they are easy on the back and hands. There is truly a WOLF-Garten tool for every job around your home and garden.

Whether it’s cleaning windows and gutters safely from the ground, cutting high branches with the saws and pole loppers or standing up while weeding, they have you, the gardener, in mind.

The tools are crafted with passion, using the highest grade steel, timber and handle materials.  In today’s age of disposable products (like rakes and shovels that break too easily, or secateurs that soon get blunt and rusty), its nice to know that you can still buy premium quality garden tools that are built to last.


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