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Window cleaning made simple! Cleaning the windows is one of those tasks that often gets forgotten about or written off as too hard. With Wolf-Garten’s window cleaning kit, this task is now a breeze!

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WOLF-Garten tools and window cleaning products are favourites with professional window cleaners and homeowners alike.

This kit also makes a great gift for the “do it yourself” person in your life.

Set Includes:

V4 Vario Handle: Multi-Star V4 Vario Handle is made of high-quality yet lightweight aluminium. It is easily extendible to the desired length. Each of the positions locks in place at 28cm intervals, with the click of a button for secure use. Extendable handles are strong and robust to work with soil and other working conditions. Pole extends from 220cm up to 400cm for safe, ladder-free work.

Window WiperThe WOLF-Garten Window Wiper features a 110° adjustable head which allows you to wash windows of almost any shape. The Window Wiper tool comes with a short handle to wash reachable windows.

Window Squeegee also features a 110° adjustable head and comes with a short handle for reachable windows.

Cobweb Broom: The WOLF-Garten Adjustable Angle Broom is uniquely designed to clean those hard to reach places which traditional brooms struggle to reach.

With WOLF-Garten’s window cleaning essentials, it’s now safe and easy to clean all the windows in your house.

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About Wolf-Garten

The world’s best garden tools, since 1922. Made in Germany and guaranteed to stand the test of time. WOLF-Garten garden tools are with you for life, not just a season!

Featuring the unique Multi-Star Click System, you can get more tools for less money and less storage room. With 15 handle options and 70 attachment options, simply buy one handle which can be used with  multiple attachments.

Thankfully, they’re also ergonomically designed with the operator in mind and tested by real gardeners, to ensure that they are easy on the back and hands. There is truly a WOLF-Garten tool for every job around your home and garden.

Whether it’s cleaning windows and gutters safely from the ground, cutting high branches with the saws and pole loppers or standing up while weeding, they have you, the gardener, in mind.

The tools are crafted with passion, using the highest grade steel, timber and handle materials.  In today’s age of disposable products (like rakes and shovels that break too easily, or secateurs that soon get blunt and rusty), its nice to know that you can still buy premium quality garden tools that are built to last.

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