Yates | Acticote Pots, Planters & Garden Beds

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Provide nutrition to your plants immediately and sustained release long term with Yates Acticote Pots Plants & Garden Beds controlled release fertiliser

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Yates Acticote Pots, Planters and Garden Beds plus Instant Booster Controlled Release Fertiliser, is designed to provide your plants with the perfect balance of immediate and long-term nutrition. Whether you’re tending to indoor plants, patio pots, or expansive garden beds, this fertiliser is formulated to meet all your gardening needs. It works as a long term and instant boost controlled release fertiliser

Key Features:

  • Dual-Action Nutrition: This fertiliser combines instant nutrient release with up to 12 months of continuous feeding, depending on environmental factors like temperature and soil moisture. Your plants get the boost they need right away and enjoy sustained nourishment over time.
  • Advanced Prill Coating Technology: Yates Acticote features an innovative prill coating that guarantees the even and gradual release of fertiliser, ensuring your plants receive consistent nutrition without the risk of fertiliser burn.
  • Comprehensive Plant Care: Packed with a rich blend of nitrogen and phosphorus, this fertiliser promotes vibrant leaf growth and robust root development. The addition of potassium enhances flowering potential, while essential trace elements ensure overall plant health and vitality.


  • Size: 500g
  • Ingredients: NPK 15.1:3.5:11.6, plus vital minerals such as sulphur (S), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and Boron (B) for complete plant nutrition.

Usage Instructions:

  • Garden Beds: Apply 30g (or 3 level spoons) per square meter around the bed and lightly mix into the topsoil for up to 16m² coverage.
  • Pots: Distribute around the pot’s outer edge according to size – 5g for 20cm pots and 10g for 40cm pots. Halve the dosage for sensitive plants like African violets and ferns.

Precautions: Avoid application during extreme heat (above 30°C) or when plants are under water stress. Keep the fertiliser at least 30cm away from plant trunks to prevent damage.


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