Yates | Acticote Roses & Flowering Plants

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Nourish your blooms from inside out with Yates Acticote Roses & Flowering Plants controlled release fertiliser.

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Yates Acticote Roses and Flowering Plants Controlled Release Fertiliser plus Instant Booster, is specifically designed to nourish your blooms from the inside out. It works as a long term and instant boost controlled release fertiliser

Key Features:

  • Advanced Release Formula: Enjoy the benefits of an immediate nutrient boost followed by up to 12 months of continuous feeding, tailored to your plants’ needs based on environmental conditions such as temperature and soil moisture.
  • Prill Coating Technology: Ensures a steady, even release of the fertiliser, eliminating the risk of nutrient burn and promoting consistent growth.
  • Complete Nutritional Support: This fertiliser is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus, essential for fostering healthy leaf growth and strong root systems. The added potassium not only beautifies your flowers but also enhances their disease resistance, ensuring your garden stays vibrant and flourishing.
  • Enriched with Trace Elements: Packed with sulphur, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and boron, it provides your plants with the comprehensive care they need for optimal health and extra vitality.


  • Size: 500g
  • NPK Ratio: 15.8:2:13, plus vital minerals for total plant wellness.

Easy-to-Follow Directions:

  • For Garden Planted Roses: Distribute 50g (or 5 level spoons) per square meter around the root zone and lightly incorporate into the topsoil for up to 16m² coverage.
  • For Potted Roses: Apply around the pot’s edge as follows: 5g for 20cm pots and 10g for 40cm pots. Remember, no fertiliser is needed in the planting hole for dormant winter roses; apply in spring as new shoots emerge.

Precautions: Avoid application during extreme heat (above 30°C) or when plants are under water stress. Keep the fertiliser at least 30cm away from plant trunks to prevent damage.


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