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Grow a strong, green and healthy lawn with Yates Buffalo PRO Lawn Fertiliser

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Yates BUFFALO PRO Lawn Fertiliser, controlled release granular fertiliser is specially crafted for Buffalo lawns. Feeding Lawns gradually over 4 months it  ensures your lawn remains lush, green, and healthy over time. With its unique formulation, of gradually releasing essential nutrients, nitrogen, and potassium over a 4-month period, providing a consistent, long-lasting result without the risk of surge growth or burning.

Key Features:

  • Controlled Nutrient Release: Delivers a steady supply of essential nutrients over 4 months, promoting a consistently greener and thicker lawn.
  • Weed Reduction: A healthier, denser lawn naturally inhibits weed growth by crowding them out.
  • Root Support: Encourages a strong, deep root system for a resilient lawn.
  • Efficient Coverage: High analysis, concentrated formula allows for extensive coverage, making this fertiliser more efficient per kg compared to traditional options.


  • Size: 2.5 kg
  • NPK Ratio: 30.3:0.3:10, tailored for optimal lawn health.
  • Coverage: This pack treats up to 166 m² at a rate of 15 g/m².

How to Use:

  • Application Timing: Ideal during periods of active growth, especially in early spring, early summer, and early autumn.
  • Easy Application: For hand application, spread evenly across the lawn in two perpendicular directions to ensure full coverage. For larger areas, a lawn fertiliser spreader is recommended.
  • Immediate Watering: Water the lawn well immediately after application, especially if hot weather is expected.


  • Avoid Stains: Product may stain hard surfaces when wet; ensure driveways and paths are dry before application and sweep off any spills immediately.
  • Temperature Consideration: Do not apply in temperatures above 30ºC or to moisture-stressed lawns.
  • Not for New Lawns: For lawns younger than 6 weeks, opt for a starter fertiliser instead.

Yates BUFFALO PRO Lawn Fertiliser is not just for Buffalo Lawns, it’s suitable for all common lawn types including Kikuyu and Couch, providing a versatile solution for a variety of gardeners seeking that professional lawn appearance.

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  1. Kim R.

    Fertiliser has bought the lawn up thicker and greener.

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