Yates | Leaf Shine Spray

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Revitalize your indoor greenery with Yates Leaf Shine Spray! This premium formulation is your one-stop solution to protect, clean, and add a dazzling gloss to your indoor plants, dried botanicals, and flower arrangements. Its unique formula gives leaves a natural and lasting shine, freeing them from dust and grime, all without hindering plant growth.

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Revitalize your indoor greenery with Yates Leaf Shine Spray!

  • Simplified Plant Care: With a user-friendly aerosol mechanism, maintaining your indoor garden’s aesthetic is as simple as point-and-spray.
  • Lasting Radiance: The advanced formula ensures a persistent high-shine finish, keeping plants looking fresh and vibrant.
  • Versatile Use: Designed for an array of indoor plants and dried botanicals, enhancing their natural beauty without compromising growth.
  • Generous Size: Packed in a 225g can, it’s prepared to cater to all your indoor plants, providing numerous applications.

Usage Tip: For best results, gently clean your plant leaves with a damp cloth, then apply Yates Leaf Shine from 15cm away for a uniform gleaming appearance. Ideal for hard-leaved plants.

*Avoid applying in hot conditions, when the soil is dry or when plants are experiencing moisture stress.

*Do not apply to plants with tender foliage, such as ferns and African violets.

Unfortunately not available to be sent to Western Australia.


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