Yates | Water Storage Crystals

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Store water at plant roots, reduce water usage and enhance drought tolerance for your plants with Yates Water Storage Crystals.

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Yates Water Storage Crystals is the ultimate solution for Australian gardens facing dry conditions and infrequent watering. These super absorbent crystals are designed to swell up multiple times their weight, effectively storing water right at your plant’s roots with just a 5g application.

Embrace Waterwise Technology to drought-proof your garden, significantly reducing water usage while ensuring your plants stay hydrated. As plants draw water as needed, these crystals cleverly replenish with each watering session. Not only do they improve drought tolerance and last for years, but they’re also biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice for conscious gardeners. Non toxic and breaks down to natural components.

How to Use Yates Waterwise Storage Crystals:

Wet Mixing (Recommended):

  1. Preparation: Combine one teaspoon (5g) of crystals with 750mL of water.
  2. Wait Time: Let the mixture sit for an hour.
  3. Application: Mix the now-expanded crystals into 5L of potting mix. For hanging baskets or plants prone to water stress, use two teaspoons per 5L of potting mix.

For Plants Already Potted or In-Ground:

  1. Creating Holes: Carefully poke vertical holes into the potting mix or around the drip line.
  2. Placement: Add a small amount of pre-soaked crystals into the base of each hole.
  3. Final Steps: Water thoroughly and then cover the holes with potting mix.

Sowing Seed:

  1. Mixing: Incorporate 10g of crystals per square meter into the top 50mm of topsoil.
  2. Planting: Sow the seed and water it in thoroughly.

Laying Turf:

  1. Spreading Crystals: Evenly distribute crystals at a rate of 10g per square meter.
  2. Turf Application: Lay the turf and then water it generously.

Dry Mixing:

  1. Combination: Mix one teaspoon (5g) of dry crystals with 5L of potting mix.
  2. Potting: Plant your selection and water in thoroughly.
  3. Additional Watering: For optimal results, water again two hours later to ensure the crystals are fully saturated.

Important Note: This product should only be used as directed and not contrary to the label unless authorized.


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