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Unsure what the easiest way to clean high windows is? Spring is here and you’re already ploughing through the improvements for your home and garden.  We know with the warmer weather encourages you want to be out and about and light is streaming through your windows.

But, the extra rays of sunshine also show the dirt and smudges that have built up. Window cleaning is among the chores we neglect most and for the longest  It’s not because they are very hard to clean, it’s because they are often uncomfortable to do so.  Ground floors are relatively easy to get done, but cleaning upstairs windows without a ladder can be a real pain in the neck (literally).  How can you clean windows you can’t reach without the help of a ladder?

What’s the Easiest Way to Clean High Windows without a Ladder?

Cleaning high or hard-to-reach windows can be a real effort and dangerous if ladders are involved, not to mention the damage they do to the facade. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. The Wolf-Garten window cleaning kit lets you clean your windows without a ladder. Wolf-Garten Cobweb Brush, Window Squeegee and Window Wiper are compatible with any Wolf-Garten Vario Handle that extends from 2.2m up to 4 metres. Lightweight and durable, the handle makes cleaning high windows easy. The durable aluminium shaft gives you the strength you need for those hard to reach jobs while being surprisingly lightweight.

How to clean high windows with Wolf-Garten Window Cleaning Kit

Ready to clean those high windows you’ve been putting off? Follow these simple steps.

1. Dust down your windows and frames

Holding the handle of your Vario Handle, attach the Cobweb broom.  Set the pole at the correct height to comfortably reach the windows. Brush around the window to remove any cobwebs and excess dust. After cleaning all the windows, remove the cobweb from the handle.

man cleaning really high window eaves with the wolf-garten extendable v4 pole and cobweb broom attachment

2. Wet your fibre and your windows

To clean your windows, the Wolf-Garten Window Wiper requires water only. If you have a hose, spray water onto the window surfaces.  The stream must not be too strong, as you risk damage to the surfaces. Or, you can fill a bucket of lukewarm water and dip the Wolf-Garten Window Wiper into the water.

3. Attach your Window Wiper to your Telescopic Handle

To reach those high windows you need the extra height. Attach the Wolf-Garten Window Wiper to the Wolf-Garten handle.  Set the pole at the correct height to comfortably reach the windows.

4. Clean your high windows

Brush first the top part of the window, starting from the corner.  This will prevent the dirt from running onto the clean surface. Work your way down, brushing the rest of the window.  Brush until all the dirt has come off and if needed apply enough pressure. Soak the spot of dirt that didn’t come off good and move on to the next window.  Go back in a few minutes and brush again.

Man cleaning second storey window using the Wolf-Garten Vario 4 handle and squeegee

5. Blade for a streak-free finish

Remove the Wolf-Garten Window Wiper from the Wolf-Garten handle and attach the Wolf-Garten Squeegee. Run the squeegee starting from the left corner.  Pullover the pane in reverse “S” pattern until you reach the end of the window Dry the blade after each window with a dry cloth. Leave to air dry That’s it, your hard to reach windows are clean with a chemical-free, streak-free finish.

If you need to reach high windows at awkward angles, a twister attachment on the Wolf-Garten Window Wiper and Squeegee makes holding your Multi-Toolat 45-degree angles easy.

Window cleaning is most definitely not one of the favourite chores to do. Having the right tools and knowing how to get the job perfectly done, though, will make it a little bit less frustrating for you. What is very important when it comes to window cleaning is to always stay safe. Do not use tools or detergents that you’re not sure are good quality because you can end up with damaged windows, or even worse, you can harm yourself.  Cleaning upstairs windows without a ladder can be tricky, but following these steps will make the process go smoother.

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