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The Wonderful World of Sunflowers

Sunflowers are the perfect addition to any garden. They scream Spring has sprung, and their brilliant yellow flowers brighten up any patch.

Did you know?

Sunflowers have been brightening up this planet and providing a versatile source of nutrients since about 3000BC. Native American peoples used the seeds to make flatbreads and cakes and combined them with vegetables for a substantial meal. Not only this, they would use various parts to create moisturisers, dyes, and ceremonies. While sunflowers are in bud, they turn their faces to follow the sun. This is called heliotropism and ensures the large green bracts surrounding closed buds absorb maximum light to promote growth. They eventually settle their faces east, which attracts maximum pollinators. The worlds tallest sunflower reaches 30 feet and 1 inch! They’ve been to space! In 2012, Don Pettit brought sunflowers to his trip to the International Space Station and documented the growing process.

What to grow and where

Tall sunflowers look and grow brilliantly as a backdrop to the southern edge of flower beds. Dwarf cultivators grow great in pots on balconies, on sunny verandah edges, and below sunny window sills. Be sure to plant your sunflower in deep soil, as that’s where they’ll grow the best. Plant in a sunny position, about 60cm deep in vitamin-rich soil. Ensure the soil is rich in vitamins by mixing in some pelletized chicken manure. sunflower - blurred background of sunflowers

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