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gardening with kids - tips

Your home is a child’s first classroom and an activity that kids love to learn from is gardening! Here are our 6 (in no order) tips for gardening with kids. In addition to teaching your kids about plants and healthy eating, gardening can also help your children learn about responsibility and the importance of taking care of the environment. Working in the garden is a great time to communicate and connect with your kids. Your next fun family activity doesn’t have to involve staring at a screen!

Enjoy your very own garden with your family by following these simple tips:

You’re the example!

Don’t be too concerned with making everything perfect. It should be a fun space for you and the kids. If you can though, let the kids do the more fun activities like harvesting, planting, or watering!

It’s the kids’ garden too

Give your children their own space in the garden like their own dedicated garden bed. They can decide what to plant and how to decorate it! Gardening tools for kids are also a game-changer. They’re easier and safer to handle, plus they’re fun to use!

Get the right plants

To avoid the disappointment of a garden that doesn’t grow, ensure that you select the appropriate plants for the season and climate in your area. While you’re at it, try to look for plants that germinate quickly. Plants that grow fast can keep your kids excited and interested in the process. Consider planting flowers in your garden to add a pop of colour!

Crafts are for winners

Everyone loves crafts! Let your children personalise and spruce up your place with DIY garden art. By upcycling tin cans, cups, and other containers, you can make wonderful pots. Old glass bottles can make decorative flower vases too!  Gardening books for kids for more inspiration, the kids will love working in the garden the more you get creative.

Engage all the senses

Did you know that kids are sensory learners? This makes the garden the perfect place to learn because of how engaging it can be! The plants are pleasing to the eyes, the leaves and the dirt are fun to play with, and the fresh scent of flowers are just all-in-all a wonderful experience. You can go even further by letting your kids help you prepare meals with the ingredients they just harvested. From the garden to the table, it’s something the whole family can enjoy!

Incorporate playtime

This is a surefire way to get your kids into the garden. Use interactive games like hide-and-seek with a few gardening items. It can be a garden gnome that changes positions every now and then or even a few brightly coloured pots with decorative stones in them.

People of all ages can enjoy gardening, but kids can experience lots of fun and lasting benefits that they simply cannot get by staying indoors. Just remember to make your garden a safe space for your children, with the right equipment and apparel. Happy gardening!

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