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Mulch magic

Applying a thick layer of mulch, approximately 6cm or so, over the soil that will help prevent weed seeds from coming back

When it comes to weeding, it can feel a little like Groundhog Day, and if you leave it to chance, they can very quickly take over your garden.  

Weeds come in different types, some will spread through seed and others through their root system.  To keep on top of the weeds in your garden, try these tips:

The Best Time to Weed

The best time to weed is when the ground is wet, which is typically after rain fall or if it’s been a bit dry, a good watering.  If possible, pull weeds before they have a chance to make themselves at home and spread their seeds. 

The more often you weed the better chance you have of catching them early and preventing future growth.


Extracting the Roots

It is important to get all of the weed out as some can regrow if there is a small amount of root left in the soil.  The most efficient way to get all of the weed out is to break up the soil first, you can use a cultivator or a hoe.

For larger weeds, you might need to prune the weed before  digging out by the roots using a weed extractor.

For weeds growing between pavers, a paving knife is ideal for getting into the narrow gaps.

Burgon & Ball | Sophie Conran Twist Cultivator

The tines of the Sophie Conran Twist Cultivator, designed for Burgon & Ball, efficiently push into all soils and due to its compact size it’s easy to work between closely spaced plants, in raised beds or even in pots.

Burgon & Ball | Weed Slice – Short Handled

Weeds have nowhere to hide! Weed Slice will revolutionise the way you weed in gravel and borders!

Wolf-Garten | Multi-Star Joint Brush FB-M

The Wolf-Garten Multi-Star Joint Brush FB-M attachment will quickly become your go-to tool for those back-breaking, hard to reach and annoying cracks in your footpaths, driveways or patio.

Disrupting the flow

Disrupting weed germination will help keep weeds under control, along with regular tilling the soil with a hoe, fork or weeding cultivator will stop seeds from settling into the soil.

Wolf-Garten | Crumbler and Soil Cultivator DA-S

The Wolf-Garten Crumbler and Soil Cultivator DA-S seamlessly combines a powerful pendulum weeder and soil cultivator into one tool. It easily strips soil of pesky weeds while simultaneously cultivating and aerating your growing area.

Wolf-Garten | Multi-Change Cultivator BE-M

The WOLF-Garten® Cultivator attachment is the ideal gardening tool for loosening mid-heavy soils quickly and easily. With three steel prongs you are able to cultivate larger areas in less time and effort.

Weed Waste

Unfortunately there are some weeds that won’t break down in a home compost pile. The most effective way to dispose of your weeds is into the green bin.  This will prevent them from germinating and growing more weeds in your garden