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Best Vegetables to Grow in 60 Days or Less

Are you looking to start a veggie patch and want to get results quickly? There are plenty of fast-growing vegetables ranging from leafy greens, legumes and root crops you can grow. So, what exactly are the fast-growing vegetables that I can start planting in my garden? Read our guide to find out which vegetables will give you a harvest in a few weeks.

Asian Greens

Sowing to harvest: 21 days

A superb addition to stir frys, you can harvest these over a long period of time to get the most out of them, or the whole plant can be used at once.  Sow between Autumn and Spring and approximately 15 – 25cm apart.  Keep the soil moist and weed free to let the seedlings grow.

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Green Beans

Sowing to harvest: 60 days

Beans take up very little space and provide yield over a long period of time.  Best to sow in spring and summer either in the ground or into pots, they take a mere two months to grow into pods of beans.  Plant the seeds 25 – 40cm apart and to get your maximum yield, sow a batch of seeds once a month until the end of summer.

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Sowing to harvest: 60 days

Beets are multi-purpose and you can use the whole vegetable.  The globes are sweet and can be pickled or roasted, while the leaves can be added to salads.  Soak the seeds for two hours before sowing, plant them in a sunny spot in the garden and check for slugs and snails.

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Sowing to harvest: 50 days

Carrots will go with anything and choosing a quick-growing finger-sized type, you will be adding them to your meals in as little as 6 weeks.  Sow in pots or directly in the garden about 15vm apart and cover with a thin layer of compost.  Water in well and cover to prevent carrot flies laying their eggs.

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Sowing to harvest: 50 days

The perfect ingredient for salads, tzatziki, sandwiches or an aperitif for dipping into dips!  Cucumbers do not need a lot of room to grow and you can train them to grow on a trellis to help save some space.  Cucumbers love the sun and you only need to sow 4-5 seeds spaced 40cm apart and give them a good water.  Mulch around the base of the plant to retain the moisture in the soil and pick the fruit regularly to prolong the harvest.

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Swiss Chard

Sowing to harvest: 40 days

Also known as Silverbeet, Swiss Chard contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and is a good source of fibre.  The leaves and stems are perfect for stir-fry, pasta, soups and savoury muffins.  They enjoy full sun or a shady spot in the garden, sow seeds a good 10mm deep in the garden or a pot.  Keep the soil moist and the seedling will emerge in 5-7 days.  You can start harvesting from 8 weeks picking individual leaves as you need them.

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Sowing to harvest: 21 days

So many different varieties of shapes, colours and textures and they can be grown in planters on the balcony as well.  For the best results, sow a mix of salad seeds 15 to 25cm apart.  Cover the seeds with potting mix and water.  You can sow different seeds a week apart to have that constant supply of lettuce!  Remember to keep the soil moist and weed free to let the seedlings grow.


Sowing to harvest: 40 days

Sugar Snap peas are a versatile vegie! Both the pea and pod are juicy and full of flavour.  You can choose to pick the whole pods while they’re young and tender (they’re delicious in a stir fry or on their own as a snack) or shell the pod when mature and enjoy the sweet delicious peas inside.

Being a climber, they don’t take up much room and sow them during late winter in a pot or in the garden.

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Sowing to harvest: 25 days

Radishes are one of the quickest growing vegetables, taking three to four weeks to reach harvest.  They are also really easy to grow in any good garden soil with sun at least half days.

Radish is a great companion plant for beans, carrots, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, parsnips, peas and nasturtiums. Mulch well to retain even soil moisture.  Sow all year except hot weather.  Add radish seeds to your cart here.


Sowing to harvest: 30 days

Spinach is one of those versatile vegetables you can use in salads, risottos and pasta dishes.  Sow once a month 2.5cm apart to have a constant supply and in a shady spot in the garden.  The heat gives the leaves a bitter taste, so ensure they are frequently watered.


Sowing to harvest: 50 days

Squash is really easy and quick growing and coming from the same family as pumpkins and melon, taste great!  You can bake, roast, steam or slice up and add to stir-fries.  The like being in full sun and can be planted anywhere in Australia from Spring.  Sow 3-4 seed 70cm apart and thin to the two strongest plants as thet grow.  Harvest regularly to encourage more flowers and fruit.


Sowing to harvest: 45 days

Turnip is a highly nutritious staple food that can be roasted with carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin, and let’s not forget how great they taste in soup.  Sow the seeds in a sunny spot in the garden at least 400mm apart and deep.  As the seedlings grow, thin out the weak plants and feed weekly.

Growing vegetables isn’t a laborious process, you can save some money and start growing your own and getting results really quickly.  Remember to check for pests, especially slugs, so set up beer traps or check out our How to Remove Nails and Slugs.

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