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Having a garden outside the home is what many people dream of. It won’t be wrong to say that people are always ready to pay a good price to buy those properties that have a beautiful garden. Hence if you have a garden but have failed to take care of it then this is the right time you should make a little effort to maintain it. If you are thinking that doing so is a hectic and stressful task then that is not so. You just need to buy the best garden tools in Brisbane from a renowned retailer which you can use to keep the space in the best condition.

Now if you want to know what are the different kinds of garden tools you should buy to maintain your garden area then you need to check out the points that are cited in details below.

Types Of Garden Tools You Should Have

  1. Pruning shears: You need to remove those parts of plants that have died as they can easily attract unwanted insects. So the gardening tools which are highly used to remove dead, and damaged small branches of the plants and bushes are pruning shears.
  2. Rake: A rake is another important type of gardening tool that is used for scraping, scooping, and collecting materials, like fallen leaves on the ground, soil, mulch, etc. When you will start searching for this you will find that some rakes have sharp metal tines while others have flat heads. Hence you must buy the one of your choice that suits your needs.
  3. Flower Trowel: A flower trowel is one of the most important garden tools that is used for digging small holes for planting, mixing in fertiliser, as well as putting plants inside the pots. Some people also use it for removing weeds.
  4. Wheelbarrow: A vital tool that is used by professional gardeners is a wheelbarrow. They use it for collecting and transporting dirt, weeds, water, sand and other small load from one place to another.

Apart from all this, the other kind of tools which you should have to maintain your garden area are Ashwood sharpening stone, shovel, oscillating hoe, power cut bypass lopper, garden fork, grass and leave collector, small metal watering can, multi sharpener garden hose, Ashwood long handled draw hoe, multi-purpose weeder, spade, etc.

So if you are looking for a renowned company from where you can buy a small metal watering can near me or any other equipment to maintain your garden then you have reached the right destination. Quality Garden Supplies is a boutique garden tools and lifestyle retailer. We have been in the industry for years and have always been successful in offering quality service. To connect with our experts to know about the best garden tools in Brisbane which we specialise in selling you can call us at 1300 206 459 and if there is any query you can send an email to We will be more than happy to help you professionally and efficiently.

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