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Your Ultimate Guide to Green Manure

Is your soil looking a little run down? Green manure is the perfect pick me up after a cold winter! Green manures are fast-growing crops that improve the health of your soil. These plants grow up, and when the plants begin to flower, they are dug back into the ground to give the soil some extra nutrients. It’s great to repair soil that’s been damaged by demanding plants, prepare the soil for new crops, promote organic matter and earthworms and stabilise the soil to prevent erosion.

What Green Manure is right for you?

The best plants to grow for a green manure crop depend on your concern. If you’re looking to fix nitrogen, legumes such as peas and beans will work best. Mustard plants are perfect for soil fumigation and help prevent root-knot nematode and fungal pathogens. Generally, any seed that will germinate at the time of year you’re planting will work great. Check out our Green Manure range below.

So how do we do this?

Growing a green manure crop is easy. Simply start by loosening the soil and breaking up clods. Now we want thick coverage on the bed, so be sure to spread the seeds generously, and cover them up with the soil to keep any pesky birds away. Give them a good watering and wait! In about 6 weeks the crop will be ready to be cut down and dug in – it’s that simple! Your garden will thank you for a green manure crop, so get out into the garden and give it some well-deserved love! green manure - child taking photo

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