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Haws is a story of innovation and determination, coupled with a dedication to quality that’s as enduring as their reputation.

The name comes from their founder, John Haws. Originally from Clapton in London, John was, by his own account, an unsuccessful gardener. In 1884, he set about designing his own watering can.

In 1886, he secured the patent, established the Haws company, describing his unique design as “…a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other…”.

The Haws watering can soon became popular with leading gardeners, winning awards and establishing the Haws reputation for high quality. Sadly, John passed away in 1913.

His nephew, Arthur Haws stepped in to continue his uncle’s work and continued Haws’ reputation for quality and attention to detail.

World War 2 then intervened, and the pressures of war left the company depleted of both labour and materials. Arthur Haws passed away and during the late 1970’s recession, the company went under.

In 1982, the company was bought by Eclipse Sprayers, who began the modern reincarnation of Haws, re-establishing the high quality build and peerless reputation of Haws watering cans.

Present day Haws is now building on the strengths and wisdom gained over more than 130 years in watering cans, implementing a greener philosophy, introducing new products and environmentally friendly packaging, ready for the demands of the 21st century.

Where are Haws watering cans made?

Haws watering cans are manufactured in their factory in Smethwick, Birmingham.   Using long-established manufacturing techniques, the spouts, handles base, and breast are carefully shaped using traditional presses.  Each piece of the spout, handle and cross-stay is hand soldered to the body of the can.   Leaving the mass manufacturing process behind, each can has been carefully handcrafted and no two cans are identical.

Meet the Haws Range

Indoor Watering Cans

The Rowley Ripple Watering Can

The ultimate multi-purpose metal watering can, an elegant and versatile companion. Perfectly balanced with a long curved spout for pinpoint accuracy, its removable oval non-drip brass rose makes it ideal for watering delicate seedlings, small pots and plants.

The Fazeley Flow Watering Can

The perfectly small watering can for keeping your indoor jungle flourishing. Providing both form and function, the Fazeley Flow is small, practical and an essential styling piece/perfect addition to any interior space. Its elegantly curved non-drip spout is designed to get right down to soil level to deliver a consistent, steady flow and provide pinpoint watering for your potted plants, without drips and spills on your beloved furniture.

The Smethwick Spritzer

Perfect for tending to your terrariums, orchids and succulents. It gently tops up their humidity while keeping their leaves dust-free. This splendid plant mister delivers a fine spray to your houseplants and brings a touch of contemporary elegance to your space.

Haws Outdoor Watering Cans

Meet your trusty garden companion. Built for the ages, these beautifully balanced watering cans look splendid and are easy to carry and tip.  Perfect for the patio, greenhouse and garden.

The Warley Fall

Made through a process known as hot-dipped galvanisation, the Warley Flow watering can offers exceptional corrosion resistance, is more durable, able to endure constant use, harsh environments and stays in prime condition, even in challenging weather conditions. Built to withstand the test of time, the Warley Fall is the ultimate professional’s choice.  Offering excellent balance for easy carrying, and a long spout to reach deep into flowerbeds, maximising water pressure to deliver a fine spray.

Supplied with 2 handy accessories ; a non-drip high-flow, fine spray brass rose ideal for a range of gardening tasks as well as a right-angled downspout to help direct a steady stream of water straight into your thirsty pots, hanging baskets and established plants.

The Bearwood Brook

Designed in the same ultimate iconic style as John Haws’ first patented can in 1886, the Bearwood Brook is a strong and handsome companion for those essential gardening tasks. Perfectly balanced for easy carrying. Engineered from galvanised steel, specially sealed and powder coated for corrosion protection. The watering can features a large diameter spout for faster flow, while the coarse spray rose enables swift and efficient watering

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